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Adrienne Papp

President of Atlantic Publicity and Youthful and Ageless™, Bringing Information to Billions, An Honorable Cause™. Master of Science in Economics and Logistics /Publicist/Journalist / MBA /

Editor in Chief . Feature  Editor of Various Magazines, Adrienne Papp is a knighted woman

My True Passion is Living a Happy, Healthy, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle.

“The ones who take risks are the ones who get rewarded” is my motto when it comes to helping small businesses in the field of organic, natural, youthful and ageless living. 

Youthful and Ageless™, Tagline: Bringing Information to Billions; An Honorable Cause is a next generational digital media marketing publicity platform.  Also known as HealthyandAgeless.com;  LatestHealthyLiving.com;  An Honorable Cause  This first in the world proprietary platform is focused on consumer convenience as it makes sure that consumers find companies and products they do not know exist, do not know their names, their products’ name and what these products offer to infuse health into millions of health seeking consumers’ lives. It matches business owners with a large audience that are looking for these businesses’ extraordinary products and services but cannot find them. SEO does not solve ANY of these issues.  It collects information about companies with the mission of a health conscious living;  it offers the most modern technologies about how to stay ageless and healthy longer than ever before and it pre-qalufies these company’s exact demographics by definition. There are many other creative and ground breaking performances that  this extraordinary publicity performance offers. It is the ONLY way to gain an interactive relationship with your buyers and make your products known without spending millions of dollars and long and sales-less years of branding. With us you are selling while you are branding! 

It educates and informs half a billion people within a year about the various messages new and upcoming companies that are part of the Youthful and Ageless Movement that started about 5 years ago have to say. It is the most potent educational platform and can be compared to a digital version of stores like Whole Foods, but more convenient and increases your sales to your EXACT consumers. 80% of all sales happen on line. 

The platform is simple and it repeats its simple message memorable by the consumer in a speedy lifestyle with an 9 second attention spam. It speak to them  on the largest and most credible media outlets nationwide / worldwide and It is also consistent with the latest Google requirements to bring you the most up to date information on a very high-performance platform that gives you publicity for life. We also present you, the manufacturer, as America’s Most Promising Companies , which after our research we believe you are, with the proper educational human interest stories in feature articles and editorial easy to remember messages to the consumer. We make sure that the consumer understands with a great deal of clarity how your products and services initiate a change in their lives. People learn by association to a story.  

If you are health conscious, forward thinking and are looking to promote living  a happier, healthier lifestyle  we at Youthful and Ageless are proud to offer you this platform in the simplest way possible and without the Internet clutter. Your internet based sales will grow. At Youthful and Ageless we made it our mission to find a selection of innovative, pioneering and futuristic companies and practitioners with outstanding products and services. We also present in some cases their true stories that can even be made into movies. We work with celebrities and present your buyers with academic and holistic research thus adding credibility to your products and services. We also bring you over 300 million viewership and include on the platform those companies that make research possible and lives to change, heal and prosper. We understand the need for continuous exposure which is why we contribute with Publicity365, non-stop exposure. We syndicate your story to over 2,000 top media outlets, one of which is the digitally highly performing Youthful and Ageless Magazine. This very magazine promotes the movement of a Healthy and Youthful Living through these highly recognized media outlets around the world editorially. 

 For a more detailed information about our Brilliant Marketing 365 please contact us as below. We invite you to be part of the Youthful and Ageless Movement.

We Proudly Endorse the Following Extraordinary Companies and Practitioners for their Outstanding Products and Services.

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